The Fall of The wave

The wave started out as an experiment, but grew into a group of people who started making people join, Now The wave is nothing more than a lesson that wont be forgotten.

In chapters 13-17  the wave took a very big change. Amy told Laurie that Laurie was against the wave because she wasn’t a star student any more, but Laurie had seen what The wave really was.  One day she was cleaning up after the Grapevine thing and when she was leaving she went to her locker and found the Enemy Painted on her locker. Then the lights went out and she started walking for the door, and she could hear foot steps behind her so she got scared and started running. Mean while David and Brian were waiting in a van outside. When Laurie walked by David got out and  told Laurie that if she didn’t stop something bad would happen and she said she wouldn’t stop until the wave was ended. So David pushed her on the ground and finally realized what the wave was doing. Right away David and Laurie went to Mr. Ross’s house and told him has to end The wave and he said he would but they have to trust him. The next day Laurie and David heard something about Mr. Ross revealing The Wave true leader so they went to the place but the doors we locked and guarded. Some of the student yelled that there was no leader and left. Mr. Ross turned on a TV and a picture of Hitler was on the screen an said “This is your leader.”

In this chapter I think the character really changed. Like David who realized what the wave really was. I think that it was Robert who wrote Enemy on Laurie’s locker and started following her.


The Wave: Strength through Action!

The Wave has really gotten better in 9-12 because now the wave is involved with the football team. The Wave has also done some really bad this to though. The wave beat up a Jewish boy because he wouldn’t join the wave. Don’t you think it is a weird coincidence that Mr. Ross was teaching his students about Nazi Germany and a Jewish boy is beat up?

In chapters 9-12 Robert billings walks up to Mr.Ross and asks him if he can be Mr. Ross’s bodyguard. You would definitely think that Mr. Ross would realize that the wave has gone to far. Mr. Ross also finds out that the wave members are making up their own orders like he seen some members handing out pamphlets and he clearly does remembers not giving those orders. Then Laurie’s mom says that it is like Robert joined a cult he’s changed so much and that when he graduates that he will not have the wave any more.

I think that in the final chapters The Wave will grow out of Mr. Ross’s control because the wave members have already started making up their own orders. So I think that in that the final part of the book is Adults will start joining The Wave.  I also think that The Wave might start becoming smaller because  Like the Nazi the wave started small and has now grown and the Nazi’s met their end after the became powerful.

The Wave: Strength through Community!

So far in the wave nothing has really happened the biggest event is the introduction of  the wave to Mr.Ross’s history class. It is the start of something no one will forget. I have read the book already but I will only tell what happens in this part of the book.

The students walk in to class slowly like normal but when they enter the room they notice something on the board, “Strength Through Discipline.” A couple of the students ask Mr.Ross What is on the board, All the kids groan and He starts explaining what he is doing. He tells all of his students to sit with better posture and when ever they ask questions or answer questions to say “Mr Ross.” All of the students take it like a game then he starts telling them to get up and walk around and when he says sit down to sit down as fast as possible and it took the 48 seconds. David gets the brilliant idea to introduce the wave to the football team in hopes that it will help them win on Saturday.



Robert Billings: In the beginning of the book Robert never participated in class, if he tried to sit with people at lunch they would get up and move. Robert has changed because now he is participating in class, He is able to sit with people at lunch. No one is laughing at him any more.

Mr. Ross: Mr. Ross is they schools history teacher. Mr. Ross Found a way to make the student understand what Nazi Germany was like, so he starts the Wave. He has the idea that if he can make them take order that they will understand what it was like to live in Nazi Germany.

The Wave is a really good book, I thought the begging was quite slow but then it was a very good book to read. “Strength through Discipline, Strength through Community, Strength through Action.”

The Wave, Strength through Discpline!

In class we are reading a  book called The Wave. The wave is about a history class in california that is learning about World War Two but the students are asking questions so the teacher Mr. Ross decides to start an experiment call The Wave their motto is ” Strength through discipline, Strength trough community and strength through actions!” In the teacher’s experiment he tells his students that when ever answering or asking a question they must stand up by their desk and say Mr.Ross.  All of his students do not seem to be interested at first but then, they start to take it like a game and start doing things how Mr. Ross wants things done.

While reading I have found a few of the characters interesting because they are very different. Like Mr. Ross because he had the idea of trying to show his class what it was like to live in Nazi Germany and because he stayed up so late trying to find a way to teach his students what it was like in Nazi Germany that he had covered his table with books. Mr. Ross is a the teacher yet he need David Collins to set up the film projector for him because he did not know how to. David is the Quarter back for the school Football team, And he was dating Laurie Saunders A girl who was really up set on what she had seen on the video.


In Buenos Aires Argentina a woman fell of the top of a  story building and survived. This is crazy because that very high of the ground. The woman jumped over the side of the Buenos Aires hotel and landed on a taxi on the ground below.  The taxi driver had gotten out just before the woman hit the roof of the taxi where the driver was sitting.

The taxi driver and the woman were both lucky, the taxi was not so lucky. The taxi driver said he seen a police officer tell him to get out of the car so he did and seconds later the car was destroyed.

This woman is very lucky, but why did she jump over the side of the building?

Death and his Conflict

Does he work for good or evil. The main kind of conflict death has is man vs. society. This is main conflict for him because his job in society is to take the souls of the people who have died but death does not like his job. Well if death does not like his job why does he do it when each day he says I don’t like taking the souls of people.  He doesn’t like his job because he has to take the souls of the dead to heaven or hell. So that come back to the question Does he work for good or evil. I say both because his he brings them to both hell and heaven.

Death also has some  man vs. man  conflict because each day he has to figure out who dies.  He has to go to that place and watch some one kill them then he has to take their soul. Death always says “I don’t like doing this.” Death does this every day every minute so he’s always doing this job.  So he says he hates this for that reason.  Deaths quote “Heres a quick fact your going to die.”

Death has a lot of conflict i wonder who might die?

Trash to Toys

Kids in Cameroon Get to play with Remote controlled cars. This is really cool because Cameroon is a poor country. Adult craftsmen the country are taking materials such as wire, beads and recycled cans And they make toys such as toy cars,trucks and bikes.


In Cameroon, one such popular toy crafted by kids is a ‘remote controlled’ car or ATV. These are often built from discarded flip-flops (slippers), sardine tins, bamboo or raffia palm, electrical conduit (pipe), rubber and bits of string. It’s not difficult to spot toy cars like this being piloted by kids in Cameroon.


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